We live in an era of hybrid influencing. Main target of such influencing is the citizen. EU and NATO are activating to significant extent aiming to influence European citizens, to change their mindset and attitudes towards the ruling elites and especially in relation to Russia in order to protect and legitimize the new policies of EU and NATO, in particular against Russia.

The goal of EU and NATO is to increase anti-Russian sentiment, to transfer the focus from the internal problems and legitimacy of EU and NATO to Russia, and to blame Russia for these problems and frame Russia as a scapegoat. EU and NATO contribute to producing a vast amount of fake news in their countries in order to increase anti-Russian sentiment in Europe. Coordinated Russophobic fake news propaganda in EU and NATO countries mainstream media is the main part of the hybrid threat against the citizen.

The range of methods and activities is wide: aggressive propaganda campaigns to legitimize EU and NATO, targeted information attacks against individuals who criticize EU and NATO politics (the dissidents), gathering registers of these dissidents, targeted law enforcement raids, arrests, interrogations, fabricated investigations against dissidents, their homes and workplaces (often together with coordinated media attacks), targeted international media campaigns against dissidents, and threatening materials published on the internet (for example, the “Mirotvorets” website, supported by the U.S. Department of State, that threatens to murder hundreds of EU and US citizens, identified by their photographs, home addresses and contact information).   

Hybrid threats are methods and activities that are targeted towards vulnerabilities of the opponent. EU and NATO hybrid attacks have usually three stages: identification of the dissident, active media campaign against sources of financing of the dissident, active ideological media campaign against the dissident, law enforcement harassment (arrest, rummage, interrogation), attacks towards the family. If the dissident still continues his/her criticism towards EU and NATO, or refuses to change his/her views, the dissident is jailed, poisoned and/or killed.

The main target of the EU and NATO hybrid operations are experts: journalists, commentators, politicians, social and political scientists, historians. They should follow EU and NATO narrative; otherwise, they will be attacked with a hybrid operation, labelled dissident, and eventually destroyed, politically, or ultimately, physically.

The main actor in EU and NATO hybrid operations is the mainstream media, which follows EU and NATO instructions and narratives. Often, EU and NATO promote anti-Russian hate speech, Russophobia and various psychological operations, to increase war psychosis and Russophobia in the target country.


The victim and the target in all this is the European citizen. EU and NATO are waging information war, psychological war and hybrid war against their own citizens.


The purpose of the Helsinki Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats is to protect the citizen, his/her human rights, freedom of speech and expression, political freedoms, and immunity, against EU/NATO aggression.  


Examples of recent hybrid operations by NATO against Finnish citizens:


  • the Finnish conscripts “execution video” incident; in July 2017, an internet video was leaked, depicting a Finnish conscript fake-executing in a row seven Finnish conscripts. The video was of high quality and professionally prepared. As a result of the media scandal, majority of Finns got acquainted with the video. There is a strong reason to conclude that the video is a NATO hybrid operation against Finnish people in order to create war psychosis in the interest of NATO.  
  • the mainstream Finnish media, the media house “Sanoma”, their newspapers “Helsingin Sanomat” and “Ilta-Sanomat”, as well as the Finnish broadcasting company “Yleisradio”, are to large extent promoting NATO agenda and narratives in their daily propaganda, including fakenews and hatespeech about Russia; during North Korean crisis situation, “Helsingin Sanomat” published a detailed material about consequences of a nuclear strike on Helsinki; this material is perfect example of NATO hybrid aggression to create a war psychosis among Finns.
  • U.S. fighters regularly fly over Helsinki, in order to create mixed sentiments among the Finnish public, to scare them and make them think that they are under U.S. control or protection, and should join NATO. This is the very typical NATO hybrid aggression.
  • The case of the journalist Ilja Janitskin; the editor-in-chief and founder of the most popular Finnish anti-NATO and anti-EU independent media “MV-lehti” is persecuted by the Finnish pro-NATO government officials; Finnish establishment used all means to jail the journalist Janitskin; 50 crime cases were fabricated against him; he is jailed now in Andorra without prosecution or convictions; he has no possibility for fair trial in Finland.