September 20, 2017

Janus Putkonen: How NATO wages war against Russia in Finland. Finnish patriots and separatists, unite into a brave resistance!

Janus Putkonen is a Finn who is leading the information defense of Donetsk People´s Republic and works as the director of the DPR state news agency. 

The massive future NATO drills on Finnish territory, as announced by the revanchist Finnish minister of defense Jussi Niinistö, have been settled and planned; only dates and measures are to be announced. The newly established Helsinki NATO intelligence unit “hybrid know-how center” should carry out its task in the near future – preparations regarding media propaganda to incite Finns into “NATO lust”. Elements are thus combined with a situation reminding of dramatic events of our war history – military drills are as a matter of fact mobilization, and “training troops” actually meet a real situation. This political scheme for war has been prepared in Finland for a decade by means of the following steps:

1. Liquidation of democracy and journalism;
2. Political provocations and centralization of power;
3. Propaganda and foe image creation;
4. Launching of a trade war;
5. Military alliance and preparation for state of emergency;
6. Social devolution and increase of nationalism;
7. Militarization and police state formation;
8. Military provocations and state terrorism (creation of a crisis situation)
9. State of emergency and military means to reach goals (state of war).

At this moment, stage 7 has been launched in Finland at full strength. I must emphasize, that if Finns do not unite in resistance against Western NATO-EU occupation and power policy, also the last stages of crisis and conflict will be realized in the way towards liquidation of Finland.

The Finnish globalist leadership has announced its unconditional support to US policy against Russia and her allies, although we know very well the massive military supremacy of Russia especially at her own borders, especially to protect her strategically important St. Petersburg, Murmansk and Kaliningrad.

Finnish patriots and separatists, unite into a brave resistance!



Donetsk People’s Republic State Information Agency

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