September 11, 2017

The Kruzenshtern Incident: Finnish Army General HQ carried out hybrid operation to influence Finns against Russia

At the end of August the Finnish Army General HQ announced they forbid the historical school ship “Kruzenshtern” to visit Åland Islands. The Finnish press then delivered fake news that some 150 Russian “army officers” are aboard their “training ship” and therefore admission to land cannot be given due to demilitarization of Åland islands. Famous Finnish NATO propagandists, such as Hannu Himanen and Stefan Forss, who both work in the interests of the USA and NATO, claimed that Kruzenshtern is a Russian “test” against Finland and should be stopped. The fact is that Kruzenshtern is not a schooling ship but a school ship carrying underage schoolchildren, which are indeed called “cadets” in Russian, but in Finnish the same word “kadetti” refers solely to army officers. The ship has visited Finnish and many other ports many times. The goal of the Finnish Army General HQ was to create Russophobic atmosphere in Finland by means of delivering fake news about Kruzenshtern in the interest of NATO. This is a clear example on how NATO is controlling the Finnish media and army.

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