September 11, 2017

Helsinki Hybrid Coe revealed ongoing hybrid operation in order to paralyze rule of law in Finland

At the moment (September 2017) the key chief officials of Finnish law enforcement are under investigation and suspected of serious crimes. The Finnish prosecutor general Matti Nissinen, the Helsinki police chief Lasse Aapio and some other Finnish police chiefs are under investigation for serious offences in office. The prosecutor general is suspended. Also, the former Helsinki narcotics police chief Jari Aarnio is jailed and serving a maximum sentence of 13 years for alleged drug trafficking and other crimes, while his sentence is widely believed to be fabricated. In addition to this, the chancellor of Justice Jaakko Jonkka, whose task was to supervise officialdom and rule of law in Finland, was suspended and the successor has not been named for months. This means nobody is supervising the rule of law in Finland. This makes Finnish state and society extremely vulnerable. Helsinki Hybrid CoE considers a hybrid operation at the background to prepare further attacks against Finland in order to distant Finland from Russia and bring Finland closer to NATO. It is very useful for NATO that Finland does not have rule of law.

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