September 7, 2017

NATO’s new espionage center in Helsinki has links to the CIA

Recently NATO opened their new espionage center in Helsinki, allegedly investigating hybrid threats, called “hybrid know how center”. The person de facto in charge of that NATO espionage center is called Jori Arvonen, former advisor to former Finnish PM Alexander Stubb, who recently revealed in his memoirs nine-year long contact with the CIA agent Valerie Plame during 1995-2003 and admitted that his studies in the Furman University during 1989-1993 were supervised by Bill Lavery from the CIA. While Valerie Plame was exposed in 2003, Stubb was fired the same day from his very high position as Romano Prodi’s advisor. Jori Arvonen has been the right hand of Stubb and both men have crucial role for the U.S. to make Finland a NATO member. A cable published by Wikileaks shows that Arvonen promised U.S. diplomats in 2009 that under Stubb their party will bring Finland into NATO membership.

Now Arvonen is working in Helsinki organizing a new spy mission in the interests of NATO and with the same goal, to bring Finland closer to NATO. The new “hybrid know how” spy center controlled by Arvonen is similar to the NATO “expert” centers in the Baltic States and elsewhere: their task is espionage against the citizens and making the society in question more compliant to NATO by means of targeted hybrid attacks. They illegally collect information about citizens’ political views and individuals posing some kind of a danger to the narratives of CIA and NATO.

The Finnish law from July 2017 about the “hybrid know how center” gives employees of that center legal immunity, as well as protects the “archives” of the center against any intervention of Finnish officials. Also communication of the center and the premises are protected from any intervention. In other words, the “hybrid know how center” is a protected spy center, consisting of intelligence archives and a safe house, which has free hands to do anything, without any intervention of Finnish officials or society.

It is clear the Finnish public will not accept this and the NATO espionage center will be closed soon.

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